This is an online format of our Workshop 

 This session provides 1 CPD hours.  

 UTIs (1 hour online education) – Presented by a Nurse Continence Specialist from the Victorian Continence Resource Centre (CFA Vic Branch).

 It is estimated there are 150 million urinary tract infections in the world each year. They are more common in women, older people, people with indwelling catheters and the immunosuppressed.

Older people can quickly become unwell with a UTI and may even require hospitalisation.
Find out more about:
– UTI’s,
– Their risk factors,
– Treatment and
– Prevention

Our next available session is on Thursday, August 19, 2021. 

For further information OR to make a group booking please email education@continencevictoria.org.au or call (03) 9816 8266 

Presenter: Kerry Poole

Kerry Poole is a Nurse Continence Specialist at the Victorian Continence Resource Centre passionate and strongly committed to working in the community helping dispel the myths about incontinence and encouraging people to seek help about their incontinence problems.