Prostate Recovery Map


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Blokes love maps! We just love the idea of having our journey laid out in front of us so all we have to do is plot our journey and enjoy the trip. This MAP is a Men’s Action Plan for the journey associated with prostate cancer, treatment and recovery. Written by a men’s health and sports physiotherapist who has worked extensively with men retraining muscle function after all sorts of injuries and operations, and now specialises in helping me maximise their recovery after prostate cancer treatment, especially surgery. The book includes what to do before treatment and then follows up with a five stage program focusing on continence and erectile function return. This program is integrated with lifestyle factors such as hydration, bladder stimulants in food and drink, general fitness, psychological challenges and how to get the most from your support team. Prostate Recovery MAP – Men’s Action Plan is a practical and realistic tool to help men during a challenging time of their lives with valuable information presented in an accessible, light and at times humorous tone.

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