Why the Pelvic Floor is important – FREE GIVEAWAY!

If you follow VCRC , have checked out the Go Against The Flow campaign or ever attended a Reclaim Your Core program, you know how important it is to maintain a strong and healthy pelvic floor. There is plenty of research that shows that it’s a vital part of preventing and reducing incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and even lower back pain. And let’s not forget the benefits that a strong, flexible pelvic floor has on sexual intercourse. It’s no wonder we focus so much on this magic group of muscles!

The pelvic floor is essentially a web of muscles that acts like a trampoline holding up some pretty vital organs: the bladder, bowel and uterus. When these muscles become weakened – from things like childbirth, heavy lifting, chronic coughing; basically anything that puts a lot of pressure on it – it can cause a loss of bladder or bowel control and can increase the risk of prolapse. Weak pelvic floor muscles can have a knock-on effect on other nearby muscles causing them to work overtime to make up for the lack of support in the pelvic floor. This imbalance can cause pain in other areas of the body too (lower back pain, hip or groin pain for instance).

In Australia, incontinence affects 1 in 3 women. To reverse this trend it’s important to incorporate pelvic floor and core exercises into your workouts each day. The workouts don’t have to be long or strenuous. But just like every other muscle in the body, they need attention in order to maintain their strength and to function properly.

So, how do you get strong pelvic floor muscles? It’s easy with some simple, daily exercises and some free help from the folks at Carin. Keep reading for information to how you can get a free Carin Wearable Set.


Carin’s smart underwear is a new way to measure and manage leaks, and also to improve your pelvic floor strength so that you can get on with your life and eliminate those pesky leaks all together. It’s the only wearable pelvic floor exerciser on the market – painless, non-invasive, and high-tech.

Carin Smart Underwear Set

Carin Sensor



Carin comes complete with a unique pair of highly absorbent underwear that can manage any leaks you may have. The set also comes with a sensor that snaps in the underwear, detects your body movement and monitors leakage. Finally, the Carin app helps you track your leaks and also sets you up on a daily workout plan to help you get stronger and manage leaks.

We are working together with HARTMANN Australia to provide a FREE Carin Smart Underwear kit valued at over $250. If you are interested or know someone who experiences issues with the pelvic floor call us today between 9-4pm on 1300 220 871 for your kit or more information.