One Step at a Time: A Parents Guide to Toilet Skills for Children with Special Needs

This booklet and set of tip sheets is a must for parents of a child with special needs.  The booklet describes a 5 step process that moves the child towards using the toilet independently.

Step 1 Setting the scene

Step 2 Developing the skills needed

Step 3 Raising awareness

Step 4 Using the toilet for wee and poo

Step 5 Night time control

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13 tip sheets discuss the common issues of toilet training such as Won’t sit to poo, Not moving forward maybe moving backwards and Sitting for wee but nothing happens.

Bedwetting: Bedwetting.pdf

Constipation: Constipation.pdf

Food, fluids and fun!: FoodFluidsFun.pdf

Goal setting to help your children learn: GoalSetting.pdf

Not Moving forward may be moving backwards: NotMovingFoward.pdf

Using a pants alarm for toilet training: PantsAlarm.pdf

Photo book for a story about toileting: PhotoBook.pdf

Sitting for wee but nothing happens: Sittingforwee.pdf

The toilet area: Toiletarea.pdf

Toilet position: Toiletposition.pdf

Won’t sit for poo: Wontsit.pdf



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