One Step at a Time Toilet Tips – Available on iTunes and Google Play

The app has been developed by health professionals who work in early intervention programs and continence support programs for children with additional needs. The principles used can also be applied to typically developing children.The app is a simple, practical tool that offers tips and pictures to help you and your child learn the key milestones of toilet training. The app contains a boy and a girl version. Each version has three sections:

Custom Sequence allows you to make your own toilet training picture sequence. You can record your own instructions in any language! This is particularly useful for parents with English as a second language.

Full Sequence is the complete set of pictures for toileting. Each picture has a brief instruction you can use to help your child to learn toileting skills.

Short Sequence provides pictures and brief instructions for 5 key skills of toilet training that parents often overlook or find difficult:

The app is based on the booklet One Step at a Time: a parent’s guide to toileting skills for children with special needs. The booklet and other resources about toilet training are available from

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