Conference Taster Session - May 12

Join us for a free online Professional Development session with Associate Professor Craig Hassed
Stress, inattention, multitasking and haste are becoming ubiquitous in the modern world and they come at a significant cost in terms of wasted time, inefficiency, mistakes and miscommunication. The popularity of mindfulness can be looked upon as an antidote to modern life. Mindfulness can be described as both a form of meditation and a way of living and although it is a generic skill it has an infinite number of applications. Being able to effectively engage attention in a mindful way is a prerequisite for virtually anything else we want to do. This interactive and experiential presentation / workshop will explore the science, philosophy and practice of mindfulness across a wide variety of applications for health professionals including managing stress, coping with workload, enhancing mental and physical health, and fostering quality relationships and effective communication.

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