Do you really want to wear a pad for the rest of your life?

Women generally grow accustomed to wearing a pad from an early age when they start to use them for their periods. Some move onto to other options like tampons, menstrual cups or specially designed washable underwear.

So when they get older (1 in 8 teens or 1 in 3 who have given birth) and begin to leak urine, they often reach for what they are familiar with- a pad. Let’s be clear, period pads are in most cases not designed to hold urine, so you really should be buying a liner/pad for urine.

“I’m not incontinent, I just leak a few drops”, I hear you say.

Don’t kid yourself, any involuntary loss of urine is incontinence.

“Leaking urine is a normal part of being a woman”.

No it is not! Not at any age!

So what are you going to do about it? It is unlikely to go away on its own.

Sure, you may only wear a liner, (FOR NOW), but the longer you leak urine and don’t seek help for it the greater the chance it can get worse.

“I don’t have time to seek help, I can buy a bigger pad”.

Is that what you really want? To wear a pad for the rest of your life?

Think how much that will cost!

One liner per day can cost between $ 26-73.00 per year. That does not sound like a lot of money but as time goes by and you need a larger capacity pad things start to add up.

One moderate capacity pad per day can cost between $80-240 a year

One large capacity pad per day can cost between $117-299 a year.

Women can end up wearing multiple, large capacity pads per day and yes there is some limited funding for those who meet the eligibility criteria, but is that really what you want your future to be? Think of what you could do with that money over 10 years or a lifetime.

These continence products are well designed and definitely have a role to play for some people. They wick urine away from the skin and contain it, preventing odours. They work so well in fact women become can become complacent to using them and may put off seeking help to improve or cure their incontinence.

“I don’t know where to find help”

Call the National Continence Helpline-1800330066,

Visit the Victorian Continence Resource Centre website for many great resources that give you more insight and practical tips to start with.

Talk to your Practice nurse or GP. There are many Public Continence Services throughout Australia.

“I don’t have time to work on this incontinence problem”

Do you have time to clean your teeth to prevent tooth decay?

Do you take time getting your hair cut/coloured, or lashes tinted, or legs waxed, or nails manicured…………..?

You spend time looking after the outside of your body, why ignore the health of the inside?

Invest in yourself, your health is an asset. Be beautiful right down to your underpants!

Urinary incontinence can be managed, improved or cured. Let that person be you!


Kerry Poole is a Nurse Continence Specialist at the Victorian Continence Resource Centre passionate and strongly committed to working in the community helping dispel the myths about incontinence and encouraging people to seek help about their incontinence problems.