Our experienced multidisciplinary team can provide assessment and help you plan a management program to suit children, adults and seniors with or without additional needs

– We are NDIS Providers

– Consultation in our centrally located Melbourne clinic or virtually.

– Helping people who have problems with:

  • Constipation and Bowel Incontinence
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Bedwetting, toilet training and coaching
  • Pelvic Floor weakness or overactivity
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Skin Care needs
  • Catheter Consultations/Care
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Toilet environment recommendations

We accept referrals from any source for this service, including GPs, family, carers, case managers and self-referral

We are a fee for service clinic

Download our Clinic Brochure:

VCRC Bladder Bowel Clinic Brochure

Contact us for an appointment on (03) 9816 8266 or 1300 220 871

This clinic requires 48 hours cancellation notice to be given.

If appointments are cancelled at short notice or there is a failure to attend, the following fees may apply:

Physiotherapy appointments  – $50 OR Continence Nurse Specialist appointments – $97.78 or 1/3 of expected fee – whichever is greater.

NDIS Eligibility

  1. You usually need support from a person, or equipment to do everyday things for yourself because of an impairment or condition that is permanent.
  2. You are an Australian resident
  3. You are under 65 years old

For more information on the rollout of NDIS in your area and transitioning on to the scheme visit www.ndis.org.au

NDIS and funding for Your Continence Plan

Supports will be funded across 8 outcome life Domains.
For service at our Clinic, support is funded under Domain 1 Daily Living – Relevant to Continence
Assistive technology and equipment that supports daily living includes continence products and related equipment.

A Continence Assessment will be included in a person’s NDIS plan if they answer YES to any of the following questions

  1. Do you have complications such as urine leakage and related skin irritation?
  2. Do you have regular urinary tract infections?
  3. Do you have regular blocked catheters?
  4. Do you have difficulty using the equipment prescribed to manage your urinary incontinence?
  5. Do you need assistance to use your urinary continence equipment?
  6. Do you have regular uncontrolled loss of stool (bowel accidents) and related skin irritation?
  7. Do you experience regular constipation?
  8. Are you confused about what equipment and aperients (oral medication to assist with your bowel program) to use?
  9. Do you avoid taking part in work or leisure activities because of your incontinence?
  10. Do you need help with getting off and on the toilet?
  11. Do you need help to learn how to use the toilet on your own?
  12. Do you regularly wet the bed?

To implement your Continence plan contact our VCRC Bladder Bowel Clinic on 9816 8266 or email us at info@continencevictoria.org.au

At Your Appointment

The continence clinician will work with you to develop a plan that suits your needs

  • Learning how to use the toilet independently
  • Gain night time control
  • Developing strategies to help with challenging behaviours around toileting

The continence clinician will help you choose appropriate products and teach you how to use equipment to manage your bladder and bowel needs.