VCRC regularly speaks to community groups about bladder, bowel and pelvic health issues. Our professionally qualified staff can tailor the presentation to meet your group’s specific needs. All our sessions talk about habits to keep bladder and bowel control healthy and where to seek help if problems occur.

For CALD groups requiring an interpreter we can arrange a professional interpreter(for a small cost) and provide free translated materials if available in the language requested.

These sessions are provided free of charge for the majority of community groups. Donations are gladly accepted to assist us extend our services.

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VCRC Community Education Brochure


The Victorian Continence Resource Centre offers Professional Development and training

• State wide and further (travel fees apply or Virtual options available)
• We have a variety of standardised training packages
• We tailor education packages for specific needs and groups
• We regularly provide training to:
– Nursing and Allied Health
– Early Childhood Intervention Workers
– Education Providers
– Medical Practitioners
– Fitness Professionals
– Residential Aged Care Facilities

Professional and qualified continence advisors develop conduct and evaluate all programs. There is a fee for these sessions.

Download our Professional Development Brochure:

VCRC Professional Development Courses

VCRC Catheterisation Workshop

Duration: 5 hours is dependent on organisational needs, number of participants and catheterisation techniques to be covered (male, female and/or suprapubic catheterisation).

On completion of this program the participants will be expected to:

  1. Identify the structures of the male and female lower urinary tract
  2. Describe the clinical indications and contraindications for urethral/suprapubic catheterisation
  3. Demonstrate the ability to perform a male and female urethral and suprapubic catheterisation on a manikin
  4. Outline the nursing care to be provided post catheter insertion
  5. Perform a male and female urethral and suprapubic catheterisation – Competency *Note: In the absence of workplace guidelines we recommend as part of this competency that participants have at least two supervised changes with an experienced clinician.
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VCRC Toilet Coaching Workshop Series

This workshop is dedicated to Professionals working with families and children with additional needs. Our program attracts 5 Professional Devlopment (PD) hours. This workshop will cover:
  • Milestones in bladder and bowel development
  • Withholding behaviour and cycles
  • Nutrition & Diet
  • Addressing Additional sensory & behavioural needs
  • Case Studies
  • Interactive problem solving workshop

Lunch and refreshments provided

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Best Practice Continence Management

1)Bladder 2)Bowels

Duration: 1 hour for either presentation

1) Participants learn about the anatomy and physiology of the lower urinary tract including the signs and symptoms of prolapse, types of urinary incontinence, best practice assessment and management of urinary incontinence.

2) Participants learn about the anatomy of the lower gastrointestinal tract, conditions that affect normal bowel function, the impact that diet and medication play in bowel function and causes of faecal incontinence.

Dementia & Incontinence

Duration: 1 hour

Does a diagnosis of Dementia and incontinence always go hand in hand? This presentation explores the steps of toileting and what areas of the brain they are initiated in. It provides strategies to help overcome missing toileting steps and challenging toileting behaviours. It also explores the differences between Dementia and Delirium and their causes.

Incontinence Associated Dermatitis

Duration: 1 hour

This presentation covers skin structure and how incontinence effects it. We discuss hygiene of the perianal area, causes of incontinence associated dermatitis, best practice treatment and most importantly prevention strategies.

Catheter Care

Duration: 1 hour

Presentation will look at the key anatomical structures of the male and female lower urinary tract. We will discuss the difference between catheterisation modes, and why catheters are needed. It also covers best practice guidelines for the care of a person with a catheter and managing complications.

Water for Wellbeing

Duration: 1 hour

Presentation discusses the important role water plays in the body, how to encourage fluid intake, recommendations for hydration and why the elderly are at risk of dehydration. Simple charting and recognising risk factors for inadequate hydration will also be covered.

Caring for the Carer

Duration: 1 hour

Presented by our Pelvic Health and Continence physiotherapist with post graduate qualifications in pelvic floor rehabilitation. Presentation provides preventative pelvic health strategies for those working at the frontline of healthcare. Participants will have the opportunity to understand and practice pelvic floor muscle exercises.

VCRC Fitness Professionals Workshop – The Pelvic Floor, Core & More

Duration: 2 hours

Presented by our Pelvic Health and Continence physiotherapist with post graduate qualifications in pelvic floor rehabilitation. For fitness professionals, group fitness instructors and anyone working in the fitness industry. Enquire about PDP and CEC points available.

Learning Outcomes of this workshop

1) identify people with, or at risk of, pelvic floor problems

2) cue activation of the pelvic floor and core muscles

3) incorporate PFM activation into an exercise program

4) distinguish between appropriate and risky exercises

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We can tailor special education packages for specific needs, groups and professions.


Can be made via phone or email.

Please book in advance to secure your preferred time.
P: (03) 9816 8266


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VCRC Toilet Coaching Workshop Series

VCRC Premises

Next Workshop will be on Friday November 1st, 2019

This workshop is dedicated to Professionals working with families and children with additional needs. Our program attracts 5 Professional Devlopment (PD) hours.

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Catheterisation Workshop

VCRC Premises

Next available workshop is on Friday October 11, 2019

This five (5) hour program aims to provide Division 1 Registered Nurses and Division 2 Nurses with the theory and the psychomotor skills required to insert suprapubic (SPC) and indwelling urethral catheters (IDC).

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Solving the ‘Problem P’s’ – Health Workshop

Bladder, Bowel & Pelvic Floor

Free Reclaim Your Core (RYC) Booklets for each registered participant

Our Pelvic Health Physio will take you through the essentials of having good bladder and bowel control.

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