The Victorian Continence Resource Centre (VCRC) is a not for profit organisation managed by Continence Foundation of Australia, Victoria (CFA Victoria). CFA Vic Branch is the peak body for promoting continence and the management of incontinence through its activities of education, advocacy and research. Purpose and activities VCRC works to raise awareness about bladder and bowel control problems because they are a common health issue affecting 4.8 million people in Australia. The majority of people do not seek help despite the negative affect on quality of life. There is an acceptance that bladder and bowel control problems are part of having a baby, being a women or getting old and that little  can be done to treat or manage these problems or the problems are not ‘big enough’ to bother the doctor. Our work aims to dispel these commonly held views. We encourage people to adopt healthy bladder and bowel habits to prevent problems and to get help for any control problems. Our service model is underpinned by a health promotion framework that incorporates: promoting wellness, social engagement and being person centred and is enacted by the following key activities:
  • Health Promotion to prevent the future development of incontinence by promoting the adoption of healthy bladder and bowel habits
  • Provision of community education activities
  • Provision of evidence based and best practice continence health promotion, education and training programs to paid carers and health professionals
  • Partnering with key organisations to undertake projects that raise awareness in specific groups
  • Resource development and provision to consumers, community groups and health professionals
The VCRC helped me understand there were other people with the same problem as me. I started talking about my problems and seeked help. Thank you VCRC!
Sally, 32 suffered from incontinence after giving birth to her two children.