Urinal Etiquette

For those young people who identify as men there are important introductions to certain and often unspoken rules of etiquette to follow when making necessary visits to public Urinals – all ready for the start of another Footy season maybe?! Hitting targets or kicking some goals are always good calls when it comes to making these toilet deposits!

Our resident Nurse Continence Specialist, Sam, who is well versed and experienced with these will walk you through the basics and get you acquainted with some important do’s and don’ts to help!

Rule 1. Eyes Front and Centre

We don’t look at others men’s penises. Eyes are front and centre. If you need to look at yours that’s fine but don’t look at other men’s. If you do see another man’s penis in your peripheral vision it might look different to yours or the men in your close family and that’s ok.  All men’s penis’s look different, they come in different colours, lengths , hair cuts , and some with have a foreskin other’s wont. Remember eyes forward, don’t talk

Rule 2. Humour or silence

Breaking wind at the urinal is perfectly fine and to be somewhat encouraged as its funny. Guys like urinal humour as long as you don’t comment on another guys appearance….. it’s a BIG no no .

If you do let one rip its generally encouraged to say something afterwards like…

“That would strip paint ……….. or I think I have killed something!”

Also saying nothing is perfectly fine.

Rule 3. take a space

When you walk into the urinal position yourself at the maximum distance away from other men…..and it’s more than just being Covid-19 safe!  However at crowded sporting events , concerts etc if there is a space….take it! If there is a pattern try and follow it, if you cant that’s ok too……just do as best as you can! If your busting for a pee….any spot will do ……..You can save face by saying something like ……………. “Far out I thought I was going to explode!”

Not good

 These 2 closest to one another must be friends ( which is ok ) if not the guy on the extreme left is way toooooooooo close!

Good space

Stand here….it might be weird but its ok

Good pattern

Follow the pattern if you can. Leave a gap of 2 if possible, if no gap of 1 is ok.

Crowded spaces

Crowded events are the exception to the rule like at the footy.…… see a space take it! Just keep distance as best as you can! 

RULE 4 - Hit the target

Stand close enough to hit the target, but not so close as to touch the urinal with your penis or to spray yourself on peeing. If you can see the back of another man you’re too far back , try and stand in line with the other men.

RULE 5 - Sit down if you need to

Those who stand up to wee do so at the urinal, if you need to sit down it’s best to go into a cubicle .

RULE 6 - Wash your hands!

Wash your hands before you leave

Article by Sam Gebert - Nurse Continence Specialist




Sam Gebert is a Nurse Continence Specialist at the Continence Foundation of Australia Victorian Branch – Victorian Continence Resource Centre. Sam is a passionate advocate of men’s health, with a speciality in men’s continence and sexual health. He joins us after working at Movember in the Prostate Cancer program of TrueNTH where he care-coordinated an Australia wide telehealth program.